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What Are The Types of Dedicated Server Hosting? 

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What is Dedicated Server - Benefits & Types | Vodien Blog

The term dedicated hosting is a hosting option in which a physical server is dedicated for a single business customer. The customer has complete authority over the dedicated server plan, including its resources, configurations and software.  A dedicated server hosting service provides an environment for your applications and websites to run seamlessly.  The hosting website providers typically manage and maintain the physical server resources and focus on allocating them to different customers. 

Types of Dedicated Servers

  1. Managed Dedicated Servers 

When you select a managed dedicated server, you become the most relaxed entity. The reason is the host will look after every problem for you. This is the one where your host will manage and maintain all your responsibilities, which are: 

  1. Network Tasks
  2. Operation System 
  3. Control Panel Issues 
  4. Hardware 
  5. Security Patches 
  6. Technical Support 
  7. Backup
  8. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers 

Unlike a managed dedicated server, your service provider will not manage multiple tasks for you in an unmanaged server. This dedicated server hosting will only look after the physical security and storage. 

  1. Standard Dedicated Servers 

This can prove to be the best option if your business needs an exceptional hosting plan. It offers high-quality services for medium-sized businesses.  Since there is no resource sharing, your website performance is consistent. Moreover, you get complete control and can customize software, security and configuration.

  1. Enterprise Dedicated Servers 

When large and global companies consider choosing a web hosting plan, enterprise dedicated servers turn out to be the ideal option for them.  It is not only best for them but also applicable to small and medium businesses, owing to the business-specific features in them. These servers are generally built for businesses that have high-end performance and storage. Enterprise dedicated servers are easily scalable and can address evolving business needs. 

How Can You Select the Best Dedicated Server?

To have the best dedicated server hosting plans, you need to choose the right one for your business. Here is how you can do that: 

  1. Evaluate the needs of your website, whether it is traffic, growth projections, etc. Understanding the specific needs would help you to determine the type of dedicated server that your business might need. 
  2. Determine the level of processing power, memory, and storage capacity that your business would mainly need. If you have a resource-intensive website or application with high traffic volumes, it is wise to select a server that offers adequate resources for optimal performance. 
  3. Always look after the scalability options offered by the hosting provider. Ensure that the dedicated server that you choose can accommodate future growth and can also generate easy resource upgrades. 
  4. Give importance to server security and reliability measures. Look for certain features, such as robust firewalls. DDoS protection, regular backups, and uptime guarantee data safeguard and give easy access to your website. 
  5. Always choose a hosting provider that would offer reliable, 24/7 technical support. Responsive support services are important for promptly addressing server-related technical issues. 
  6. Dedicated servers besides providing you with enthralling performance and resources, come with higher prices as compared to shared hosting or VPS solutions. So it is wise to evaluate your budget and choose a dedicated server that would go along with your financial capacity. 


If you are planning to buy a web hosting service, you should contact an expert today and buy a dedicated server without a second thought. Having a dedicated server by your side can handle high traffic and websites, making them an ideal gateway for boosting your online presence. 

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