May 21, 2024


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Indie App Santa offers free and discounted iPhone apps each day before Christmas

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After a bunch of indie developers offered huge discounts on their apps during Black Friday, there’s another way users can enjoy and support their creations with Indie App Santa. Starting today, December 1, until December 24, people can find great apps for free or with a considerable discount. Here’s what you need to know.

From each day of December until the day before Christmas, users can download an indie app at a heavily discounted price or for free. To kick off the 24 days of Christmas, the first Indie App Santa offered is Posture Pal, developed by Jordi Bruin.

Posture Pal uses the motion sensors in your AirPods to help improve your posture. According to Bruin, the app tracks the movement of your head and neck and will guide you with visual, sound, and vibration feedback throughout the day.

With more than 200,000 users worldwide, Posture Pal Pro usually costs $15, but on December 1st, the Pro purchase is free to celebrate Indie App Santa.

How to discover the apps available each day with Indie App Santa?

Indie App Santa is also an iPhone app. It has 24 doors, each of which will open from December 1st to December 25. Each day, iPhone users can see a new app available for free or with a considerable discount.

When they click on the opened door, the app will tell how much the current app is worth, and then users can be redirected to the page on the App Store.

Indie App Santa is free to download, but you can support the developer by making a one-time payment that unlocks notifications, alternative app icon, and widgets. Otherwise, you must remind yourself to open the app each day during December to discover a deal regarding a new indie app.

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