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Humanode Announces Mainnet Launch on 15th November, 2022!

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Humanode Announces Mainnet Launch on 15th November, 2022!

In an announcement published on Humanode formal web site, the corporation announced the final date of their Mainnet launch. In accordance to the post, the Mainnet launch is likely to take place on November 15th, 2022 along with subsequent listing of HMND (Humanode indigenous token) on exchanges. Even although the aspects about the correct date and name of the exchanges for listing are not announced formally, it is prevalent that it is likely to be close to the identical time as Mainnet start.

Humanode has been working on an modern L1 blockchain community secured by the biometrics technological innovation. This blockchain community performs on Evidence of Human existence and Proof of uniqueness rather of Proof of Do the job and Proof of Stake.

More than the previous yr, the idea of crypto-biometric based mostly financial community has gotten superior traction in the public as properly as crypto expense companies. Several renowned names like Crypto.com, Avalanche, Aargon, Ink Finance, Republic Crypto, AIKON, Polka Bridge Ventures, Paradigm Fund, SuperOracles, Kleros and several other people have revealed potent assist by investing and partnering with Humanode.

In standard community, the venture has acquire a lot of desire with additional than 10K+ validators participating in their Testnets without the need of incentives.

Speaking on this the Humanode founder Dato Kavazi reported, “The concept behind Humanode is to convey correct decentralization electric power to the crypto business which has very long being missing and exploited. Now with Just one = A single Vote strategy, Humanode is sure to create true Sybil resistance. The support and acceptance in the group shows even during the hard moments that this technological know-how is exceptionally need to have of the time.”

Correct now, Humanode is presenting standard public the possibility to have stake in the tokens by Public featuring heading on Tokensoft. Started off with Wave I for validators and researchers, it has moved to Wave II where lively group members and friendly crypto communities will take part in the function. Shortly following the Wave II, everyone else will have a probability to accumulate HMND tokens in Wave III which will start off from October 18th, 2022. You can check out the specifics about Wave III below: https://whitelist.humanode.io/

About Humanode

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network designed on the basic principle of just one human = a single node = a single vote. Alternatively of PoW or PoS, Humanode is constructed on Evidence-of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence of human beings. To deploy a node, a validator ought to go by private biometric authentication that verifies his uniqueness and existence by way of laptop vision. A public permissionless economical network based mostly on consensus among human nodes who share the fees and possession of the network in an equivalent method.

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