April 12, 2024


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Google Search continuous scrolling arrives on desktop

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Google Search continuous scrolling arrives on desktop

Google made a big change to Google Search on mobile last October, bringing continuous scrolling to iPhone and Android. That means you don’t have to tap a “See more” button at the bottom of the page to see more results. Instead, you can just keep scrolling, as you would with any web page featuring plenty of content.

Continuous scrolling makes Google Search much easier on devices with relatively small displays, eliminating the need to interact with buttons. But it would work just as well on a desktop. And Google is finally rolling out continuous scrolling support to traditional PCs.

Google announced the feature on Tuesday, explaining how it works. From now on, when you type a search query inside Google Search on Windows, Mac, and other PC platforms, you’ll be able to scroll up to six pages before having to click the “See more” button.

Most Google searches will yield at least one result on the first page that’s good enough. That means most people probably won’t have to scroll all six of those pages. But some queries might look for specific things that are more difficult to find on a first pass. Refining your search by using better keywords should improve the list of results.

Furthermore, Google explains that the continuous scrolling feature will initially work only with English search queries in the US. However, it’s very likely that Google Search continuous scrolling will support other languages and regions soon enough. A staggered rollout allows Google to ensure that everything works as intended.

But there’s no question that Google Search will get continuous scrolling across devices, languages, and countries. Google wants the Search experience to be as easy and uniform as possible so that people find the answers they are searching for. This ensures that they’ll return for future searches and that Google Search remains their go-to search engine.

Also, Google wants Search to be a global product, available to any internet user no matter where they might be.

A seamless search experience also helps with Google’s bottom line, as Google makes money from ads that appear in search results or on the web pages you’d discover via search queries.

With all the continuous scrolling you might be doing, you’ll probably need to know of a handy Google Search shortcut. You can to press “/” to get back to the search bar and fine-tune your keywords or perform another search. That should save you plenty of scrolling when you can’t find your answer on the first pass. And you won’t need to tap the browser’s URL bar to enter a new search.

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