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Call of Duty streamer That Friendly Guy levels up playing as a pacifist

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Call of Duty streamer That Friendly Guy levels up playing as a pacifist


In Activision’s blockbuster navy title “Call of Responsibility: Fashionable Warfare II,” guns are the identify of the match. Gamers have interaction each and every other in extreme shootouts with firearms selected from a veritable virtual arsenal, with dozens of modifications these as barrels, scopes and cosmetics to make every gun special. The ideal Phone of Responsibility gamers are crack photographs who rack up superior entire body counts with their exceptional aim.

But amid the refrain of assault rifle fireplace and grenade blasts, one player has repeatedly topped the scoreboards without the need of killing everyone. He has however to fire a one bullet in reality, he turned off the “fire” functionality in the game’s settings.

The participant, who goes by “That Welcoming Guy” on line, achieved the maximum degree of 55 in “Modern Warfare II’s” multiplayer not just in an unconventional way — but fairly quickly far too. “It took precisely 23 hrs and 25 minutes of gameplay,” claimed That Welcoming Male, who declined to share his serious title for privacy factors, in an electronic mail to The Washington Publish. “Which is really rather mad.”


U.K.-dependent That Friendly Man realized this self-imposed feat by crafting a loadout tailored for velocity, stealth and assist. He selected mild weapons these as SMGs to keep his motion speed as fast as achievable, geared up the Spotter Scope as his tactical product to tag enemies for his workforce and selected the Suppression Mine as his subject upgrade to disorient enemies at large-targeted visitors places. As for perks, he went for the Phantom preset, which incorporates every perk that a nonviolent ninja would need: Battle Hardened to shake off tactical grenades, Double Time for for a longer time sprints and Cold-Blooded paired with Ghost to fundamentally make him invisible on the minimap.

The result was an unconventional but shockingly swift way to degree up, particularly in additional objective-based gameplay modes this kind of as Hardpoint. That Friendly Male relished a continuous stream of expertise details as he marked opponents and addled them with suppression mines although his teammates mowed them down.

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This also led to some severely spectacular performs. In a single spherical shown on That Friendly Guy’s YouTube online video, he was the final surviving member of his staff all through a prisoner rescue match, struggling with off versus five opponents. In this manner, the to start with staff to strike 500 factors in a match wins. As the attacking staff, carrying 1 of the NPC hostages on the map to security will internet you 100 details, but it also noticeably decreases your movement pace. In the course of the round, That Welcoming Person used clever hiding places and some slick juking to correctly outmaneuver his enemies and smuggle a hostage to basic safety, attaining his crew a major advance toward victory.

As the problem to reach the stage cap working with his pacifist playstyle went on and That Pleasant Guy gained new updates, he turned himself into a light tank. Employing the Riot Shield, he hunkered down on aim details and drew hearth as his teammates flanked the enemy from unique angles. He chosen purely guidance-oriented killstreaks this sort of as UAV, Counter UAV and Unexpected emergency Airdrop to get experience devoid of killing any individual right.

To further distract enemies, he utilized the Inflatable Decoy field enhance and threw decoy grenades. The a single gun he did essentially fire was the PILA rocket launcher, which he utilised to wipe out enemy UAVs. When destroying a UAV is undoubtedly a violent action, That Pleasant Dude can still declare to be get rid of free, since UAVs are drones.

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Adopting a pacifist playstyle in a multiplayer video game has been terrific enjoyment for That Helpful Male, but in a sport which is all about killing individuals, it could also show annoying for teammates who could possibly perspective a dovish participant as useless bodyweight. But he said he never received any flak for it.

“Not even once, mainly because I have really typically gained game titles one-handedly for my workforce, objective intelligent,” That Pleasant Person wrote. “I truly imply this when I say participating in this way in Get in touch with of Obligation is more rapidly leveling and development than your normal joe taking part in the game. I am now regularly in the top rated 50 % of the scores, frequently top 3.”

That Helpful Man has crafted a streaming vocation about being a nonviolent man or woman in games that are explicitly made all around overcome. He at first started undertaking pacifist playthroughs in “Escape from Tarkov,” a brutal survival shooter. Gamers in “Tarkov” are hardly ever welcoming with every single other, but one working day, That Welcoming Male made the decision to market all of his in-recreation belongings and give away the proceeds to other players he encountered. He has over 710 hours in “Escape from Tarkov” with zero kills, as pointed out by Laptop Gamer.

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That Helpful Person stated enjoying as a peacenik has also created him a far better participant. It aided establish his match feeling and triggered him to see online games in a diverse light-weight.

“I’ve claimed on ‘Tarkov’ to individuals inquiring for assistance in my streams [that] everybody ought to have an attempt at what I do, or even just only use guns when you completely have to,” That Helpful Guy wrote. “And it will adjust your total imagined approach on conditions and from time to time help you save your daily life due to the fact you chose the fewer aggressive system.”

Whilst That Welcoming Person is most very easily recognized by his trademark boonie hat and aviator sun shades, at the time each thirty day period, he’ll don a black hoodie and stream as his evil twin Steve, a incredibly a great deal “Unfriendly Guy” who ruthlessly kills each player he encounters. Instead than seeing his pacifist playstyle as an moral stance, he enjoys it mainly because it is a quirk that not only sets himself aside from other creators, but also has a whole lot of comedic benefit.

“The whole level of undertaking these problems and my stream is just to place smiles on people’s faces,” That Pleasant Person wrote. “You in no way know who and what undesirable days or lives folks guiding the keyboard dwell. A tiny act of kindness in a online video match is sometimes all it will take to transform someone’s working day!”

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