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8 Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

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12 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics and Strategies in 2020 and Beyond

Meet the challenges of competition by taking advantage of the benefits of digital marketing. With millions of businesses now in the digital arena, the cost-effective tool of digital marketing provides convenience, accurate demographic targeting, faster and easier results management, and a wider market reach.

Learn the digital marketing tactics that can reshape your business and provide insights on how you can better your business strategy formulation and implementation.  These tactics can also help you in your goal to increase brand awareness and thrive in the highly competitive digital marketing arena.

Stay Nimble With Consistent Monitoring and Adjusting

Because digital marketing is a trial and error process, a useful digital marketing tactic would be to stay careful and consistent in monitoring and adjusting. Dig through your metrics regularly and redefine your goals if you are not getting results.

Processes that you will have to be flexible with include:

  • Shifting SEO patterns
  • Upcoming trends
  • Your content calendar and timeline
  • Maintaining one or two social channels only (consider only those that perform best)
  • KPIs that you need to focus on
  • When to get progress reports where you can discuss and regroup

Get a Clear Understanding of Your Customers

For your digital marketing strategy to be successful, you should deeply understand who buys your product and why they buy it.  Explore various demographics that connect with their buying power like their cultural, social, and political concerns. Define your digital marketing tactics with a robust customer profile that includes these details:

  • Channels that fit key demographics best
  • Speaking the “language” of your customers
  • Pain points and how to switch on emotions
  • Useful personas for each of your demographics
  • Cultural awareness
  • Unique partnerships such as with influencers
  • Action-oriented experiences and results
  • Well-developed automation tools for highly detailed segmentation and targeting

Focus on the Need that Your Product Fills

Focusing on your product is good but focusing on the need that your product fulfills is the best way to succeed in digital marketing. In the first place, the need is the very reason why you created your product.

Remember that what matters is who you are marketing to and why. Demonstrating the post-buying moments will allow your customers to remember why they need your product and this will let them reach out to you for more.

Provide Valuable Written Content

Use valuable written content for lead generation. Distribute your content appropriately by tying them to specific offers through your landing page to boost your conversions. Likewise, this will most likely increase your ROI.

Go Live and Use Audio

Establish authority and connectivity with your potential customers by using the digital marketing tactic of organizing and hosting in-person events like webinars. These events do not have to be formal. You can also plan for a meetup to connect with your customers when some of them are in the same city as you.  Whenever you facilitate education and connection in one package, you will stick in people’s minds.

Keep Your Mobile Marketing Strategy On Track

For this digital marketing tactic, here are tips you can follow as you focus on your mobile digital marketing strategies:

  • Optimize your website for smartphones
  • Use clickable phone numbers, addresses, and CTAs (Call To Action)
  • Connect your contact details to a map app
  • Make sure your website loads quickly
  • Always review ads for social media or other types of mobile-friendly platforms

Post Content That Reflects Your Values and Mission

When you share your content on any platform, don’t just post. Give your customers reason by providing more meaning behind their purchasing habits. Use content to show your authority and authenticity by following these tips:

  • Get personal with live videos and interact
  • Offer ongoing learning and education
  • Use podcasting and interviews
  • Post your videos to your website and embed them in ads
  • Create emotion-based storylines

Review and Refine Your Goals and Objectives

Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) while you monitor your metrics to help you determine those that fit with your business goals. You will have to pay attention to the numbers that will contribute to your long-term success. Set up consistent analyzing, understanding, measuring, and reporting schedules so that you can successfully review and refine your goals and objectives.

Aligning Digital Marketing Tactics With Your Core Purpose

Stay on top of your competition by focusing on your core purpose and not just your product.  Understand clearly what your customers need so that you can respond to them properly and provide the answers to their pain-points.

Utilizing the digital marketing tactics outlined here will help you achieve your marketing objectives and keep you aligned with the numerous digital transformation initiatives in the marketing industry.

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