The Revolution R180 Toaster touchscreen toaster is ridiculous, and I love it

Fridges, countertop ovens, microwaves and even multicookers all adopted touchscreen shows in the wake of

Fridges, countertop ovens, microwaves and even multicookers all adopted touchscreen shows in the wake of the beginning of the wise household. Now you will find a toaster with a touchscreen. This will not be the to start with time I concern the idea of placing a touchscreen on an equipment, and it most likely will not be the very last. 


  • Rapid toasting
  • Smooth style and design
  • East to personalize cooking

Really don’t Like

  • No Wi-Fi or related smarts
  • Highly-priced

I have to admit, the Revolution R180 is an eye-catching toaster. It is really also highly-priced at $300. In genuine CNET fashion, I sacrificed my ever-recurring oath to start out a diet tomorrow and toasted bread, bagels, English muffins, waffles and toaster pastries to come across out if this thing is as superior as it appears to be. 

I was astonished to find just how a great deal a touchscreen made perception at the time I began toasting. A $300 toaster with this lots of choices just isn’t for everyone, but if you happen to be serious about toast or use a toaster typically, the Revolution R180 is a major-of-the-line product that presents spectacular precision and customization.

Phone-size touchscreen

I will start out with the Revolution R180’s style and design for the reason that that enormous display screen jumps out at you from across the world-wide-web. The display screen actions 6 inches tall, 3.25 inches wide and just less than 7 inches diagonally. That’s just a bit bigger than the Iphone 11 Pro Max and practically particularly the exact same size as the Galaxy Observe ten Additionally.

In the touchscreen menu, which you’ll use to find and start out all your toasting, you get customizations for audio, display screen brightness and clock display.  


The R180 has a electronic or analog clock as the screensaver.

Molly Price/CNET

A brushed stainless metal finish surrounds the entrance-experiencing touchscreen. It appears to be superior on my countertop, but the R180 is noticeably for a longer period than my aged Bella product and a bit trickier to organize, offered the want to confront the touchscreen outward on the counter. Like most stainless appliances, it can be a fingerprint magnet, and the touchscreen can get equally smudgy.

Inside the toaster, two motorized arms elevate and lessen your food items into the toasting chamber with 4 partitions of heating elements. This is a two-slot toaster with each slot measuring 1 inch wide and five.25 inches long. The R180 was a great deal huge sufficient for all the things I purchased at my local grocery. 

Immediate toasting

Revolution Cooking expenditures this toaster as “the biggest advancement in heating technological know-how in in excess of one hundred years.” It also promises this high-pace toaster will warmth up and toast your bread in a portion of the time of regular toasters.  

Those people promises are genuine, many thanks to a new, diamond-formed heating ingredient developed by Revolution to use a lot less vitality and warmth up more quickly than traditional toaster coils with no burning your bread. In my checks, the darkest toast setting took just two minutes, 18 seconds. There’s a fifteen-second reheat choice if you happen to be just seeking to warm up a slice with no adding crispiness. 


The R180’s diamond-formed elements warmth more quickly and use a lot less vitality than a traditional coil.

Molly Price/CNET

The R180 just isn’t a wise household machine. It will not connect to your Wi-Fi or your cell telephone, but algorithms in its software do compute optimum toast time centered on food items form. Revolution states that for the reason that there are distinct humidity stages in breads, the toaster presents 5 food items settings and 7 toasting shades to optimize toasting centered on food items form.


The R180 has a number of screens for toasting and customizing settings.

Molly Price/CNET

There are also a few techniques to personalize cooking for your chosen food items. Fresh new is for things you preserve on the counter or in the fridge. Frozen is for everything coming out of the freezer and Reheat warms food items up with no added toasting.

A few other features stood out as wise and practical. Because this toaster has a touchscreen, it can be uncomplicated to accidentally wake it up. To protect against accidental toasting, the R180 necessitates a two-contact procedure to start out cooking. You may want to tap at the time to find your food items form and at the time a lot more to start out the toasting. A crumb tray notify on the display screen reminds you when it can be time to empty out the tray (a little something I hardly ever did with my aged toaster).

It is really a bit tricky to review pace, due to the fact the R180 adjusts for food items form and traditional toasters do not. My aged Bella product, for example, normally normally takes about two minutes, thirty seconds when I toast everything to a medium level.

Below are the moments for each food items product I tried using in the R180. We’ve analyzed our good share of toasters on the appliances group, and the R180 is definitely just one of the speediest. 


Time (min:sec) on Amount 4







Toaster pastry


English muffin


The R180 just isn’t complex, and all the food items I toasted arrived out edible, even the darkest toast. The diamond heating ingredient style and design looks to evenly and promptly toast food items. Very little took for a longer period than 3 minutes even on the darkest settings, and I trusted the R180 sufficient not to pop it up each and every thirty seconds and look at on, unlike my aged toaster. 

What’s lacking?

Alright, so you will find a touchscreen on this toaster. That’s intriguing. Persons appreciate touchscreens. Whilst I did come across it intuitive and superior seeking, adding a touchscreen should occur with a lot more operation.

I do not want to ask Google to make toast (even though I am not versus it). But what about a photograph display on the idle display screen as a substitute of a clock? The R180 would not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so it are not able to established the time on its own. I do not want a different clock in my kitchen that I have to correct when the electricity goes out, the time changes or I unplug the equipment to make area for a little something else.

Even if Wi-Fi operation did practically nothing else, it could preserve my toaster’s clock precise. Photographs, latest climate details, heck, even fun points about bagels would make this display really feel a lot more worthwhile and the $300 price tag a lot more defensible. 


I toasted 5 distinct things on the R180. Below they are on a medium, level 4 setting.

Molly Price/CNET

Is it worthy of it?

The R180 is a great toaster. Really, I assumed all the things I made in it arrived out just suitable. At to start with look, the touchscreen appears to be absurd. But at the time you happen to be a few waffles deep, you’ll comprehend that having that touchscreen control panel in fact can help you consider advantage of all the customization choices and heating technological know-how at the rear of it. The R180 presents a level of customization that regular toaster controls are not able to replicate, and the on-display screen visualization of your concluded products suggests a lot less guessing about what settings you want.

It is really a luxurious toaster, no two techniques about it. At $300, I are not able to endorse it in excess of a capable $thirty product from a huge-title maker. But if you use your toaster every day, have a deep appreciate for bagels or an excess $300 to blow, I say unquestionably go for it.