Get the bigger picture: multi-tasking monitors for power users

See it now: Philips (US) 

Philips can make a quantity of curved displays that are built for gaming and online video, but its leading-of-the-assortment 499P9H is really much aimed at the B2B sector, significantly monetary institutions this sort of as banking institutions and investing floors in which multi-show setups are really widespread.

The curved design and style is intended to occupy your overall subject of vision, featuring “optimum ocular consolation” by eliminating interruptions so that you can immerse by yourself in a earth of details. The forty eight.8-inch show offers 5,one hundred twenty by 1,440 resolution (108.5dpi) with the similar

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Before suing NSO Group, Facebook allegedly sought their software to better spy on users – TechCrunch

Facebook’s WhatsApp is in the midst of a lawsuit versus Israeli mobile surveillance outfit NSO Group. But before complaining about the company’s solutions, Facebook appears to be to have desired to use them for its possess needs, in accordance to testimony from NSO founder Shalev Hulio.

Final calendar year brought information of an exploit that could be made use of to set up a person of NSO’s spy ware deals, Pegasus, on devices using WhatsApp. The latter sued the former around it, stating that around a hundred human rights activists, journalists and other folks were being targeted using the strategy.

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Microsoft Teams to display 9 video panels, but users want more

Microsoft Teams will soon display up to nine video feeds at the same time — more than double the number today but still not enough for some customers.

The Teams upgrade, scheduled for release by early May, follows complaints in the last month by tens of thousands of users. Some of them have turned to rival services that are far more generous with video feeds.

Joshua Tretakoff, head of business development at Teams customer JustAnswer, bought a Zoom subscription so everyone in his group could see one another.

“Sure, nine is better than four, [but] it’s nowhere near good enough,”

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Vodafone chief flags co-investment option to upgrade NBN FTTN users to full fibre – Telco/ISP

The merged Vodafone-TPG entity is hoping to have a hand in bringing full fibre connections to more Australians, potentially via a co-investment arrangement with NBN Co.

Speaking at the virtual CommsDay Summit earlier this week, current Vodafone Australia CEO Iñaki Berroeta said full fibre “is key to Australia’s telecommunications future”. 

However, he noted up to 40 percent of premises on the NBN are in the fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) footprint, and indicated a merged Vodafone-TPG was keen to play a role in upgrading those users. 

“Australia’s digital future depends on having many more fibre connections and freeing ourselves from copper delivery of

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