Reolink Duo review: Security camera offers panoramic protection at an affordable price Review

The Reolink Duo is a beneficial water resistant safety digital camera which has quite a few types to suit how you want to use it. Soon after connecting it to your Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 4G SIM, you can configure the dual lens cameras to perspective distinct instructions of your house.


There are four distinct types readily available for buy: PoE, Wired Wi-Fi, Battery Wi-Fi or Battery and 4G.

All of the types have dual lenses and provide 4K resolution. The PoE and Wired Wi-Fi types history at 25fps, although the many others history at 15fps.

The battery versions of the digital camera take an SD card up to 128GB, although the other types use up to 256GB.

Diverse types have distinct price points. At the moment the PoE is priced at $119.99, the wired Wi-Fi at $129.99, the battery Wi-Fi at $169.99 and the 4G edition at $309.99.

The box is packed with bits and items to help you set up the digital camera. When you unbox, you need to locate the Reolink Duo digital camera, two antennae (if you did not get the PoE edition), a mounting plate and template, a digital camera bracket, a electrical power cable, an adapter, a screwdriver, a USB cable and a package deal of screws. Extras change primarily based on the digital camera assortment.

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The digital camera is IP66 water resistant and can be sited anywhere. Reolink recommends setting up it substantial ample to prevent tampering with the digital camera. Set up the Micro SD card beneath the digital camera and link it to your chosen electrical power supply.

The digital camera has dual 1/ inch CMOS sensors and lenses are 2K 4MP super Hd with a resolution of 2560 x 1440px at 15fps. It also has infrared vision, which permits for views of objects up to thirty meters absent.

The digital camera has a area of perspective of up to 150 degrees horizontally and 44 degrees vertically. Pictures are crisp and crystal clear at all moments of day and night, and the antennas give a range of up to 164 toes outside.

The method conveniently delivers two-way audio, so you can get an inform when a human being techniques your doorway, and chat to them from the app on your telephone. You do not want to buy a membership to do this.

The digital camera also has spotlights to illuminate the spot so you can see in element who is standing outside your home. In the darkish, eight IR LEDs perform the detection and 440 lumens spotlights give you great shade vision at night.

The Reolink Duo operates over each two.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, and there is a selection for online video storage also. You can increase a micro SD card into the digital camera up to 128/256GB in dimensions based on the edition you pick, or you can buy a cloud storage option in the Reolink Cloud.

Connecting to the digital camera was a small disheartening for me. Previous Reolink cameras, these types of as the Argus 3 Professional and the Go PT, scanned the QR code promptly and linked, but the Duo took some time. I had to maintain the mobile unit truly shut to the digital camera before it linked. On the other hand, as soon as linked, all of the characteristics were being readily available to me in the Reolink app.

When somebody techniques the digital camera, you receive an inform by means of the app, and you can configure the app to mail you an electronic mail with screenshots of the human being in your detection zone. You can personalize the motion detection zone so that your upcoming doorway neighbor approaching their doorway will not cause your siren or give you an inform.

The digital camera alarm information online video when it detects motion. I noticed few fake detections – whilst I did detect an animal crossing its area of perspective when the digital camera was established to its most sensitive.

All in all, the Reolink Duo types will give you awesome protection of your spot with a panoramic perspective and they start at beneath $one hundred twenty. The two way microphone and speaker are helpful and the alarm is great.

The twin lenses will make sure that you see as a great deal as attainable with great quality images, although ignoring the zones that do not subject to you.