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OohLaLa, Malaysian low-calorie, healthy premium ice cream brand

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OohLaLa, Malaysian low-calorie, healthy premium ice cream brand

Kimberley is a scientist, even though her sister Nicola is a yoga teacher. At the very least, that is the summarised edition of the tale they’ll have you feel.

In truth, Kimberley and Nicola run a lifetime science and biomedical firm giving transplantation methods this kind of as kidney and bone marrow transplants.

“The legal kind, not the one exactly where you wake up in the bathtub complete of ice,” Kimberley, who has a history in immunology, jokingly extra. “My sister focuses on the operations of the corporation, whilst I am additional targeted on the technological facet of it.”

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Now, you might be wondering—what do a lifestyle science and biomedical qualifications have just about anything to do with the engaging ice product pasted all about this report? And the respond to is all the things.

Possessing run their biomedical business for 8 several years and counting, it became apparent to Kimberley that the fees of individuals with previous-phase renal failure every year are a great deal increased than the hundreds of kidney transplants Malaysia performs just about every yr.

“This implies that our existing waitlist of 23,000 individuals will steadily enhance yr-on-calendar year at a terrifying rate,” she explained.

It is recognized that the primary lead to of end-phase renal failure is diabetes, but the sisters really don’t assume that sugar is inherently evil, while far too considerably of it can naturally be a issue.

“We feel that the appropriate stability is achievable—where you can have your cake, take in the cherry way too, and hit the gymnasium following,” Kimberley claimed.  

So, with absolutely nothing but a little ice product maker and a myriad of journals and textbooks on ice product science, Kimberley and Nicola set off on a journey to start their possess ice product manufacturer, now known as OohLaLa.

An considerable R&D approach

Kimberley’s know-how in DNA sequencing, microbiology and food stuff safety, cryogenics, and other “geeky science stuff” arrived into helpful when acquiring the ice cream from OohLaLa, which took about a 12 months to complete.

“We aimed to develop a minimal-calorie/reduced-sugar ice cream that was all-purely natural, but but had the texture and mouthfeel of quality ice product,” she spelled out.

In brief, they desired to make “better-for-you top quality ice product that would flavor completely mouth watering.”

“And when I say delicious ice product, we’re talking dense, creamy, make your toes curl, satisfies you with an ‘UMPH’,” she clarified. “But of system, would not give you diabetic issues 10 yrs later on.”

To do that, the sisters tried out all varieties of sugar alcohols and dug through journals and papers to find out about the consequences of these sweeteners.

“Some sweeteners were being a large no-no for us, for the reason that of the pitfalls,” Kimberley pointed out. “For instance, Maltitol is a common and cheap sweetener that is utilized in low-sugar meals items but is notoriously acknowledged to be a laxative and can lead to powerful diarrhoea in some.”

At the close of their investigate, the sisters landed on working with erythritol as it was the most intestine-helpful possibility they observed.

OohLaLa also works by using stevia leaf extract as it’s a purely natural ingredient. On the other hand, Kimberley claims it is a challenging ingredient to operate with, as far too considerably can lead to a “nasty bitter aftertaste”. Hence, it took some time to find the great ratio of components for the ice cream.

The sisters also use fresh total milk, kampung egg yolks, sweets from French brand name Valrhona, ceremonial quality matcha, whole vanilla beans, and no synthetic flavouring or chemical emulsifiers.

Flavours are produced right after surveying for “top hits” and inquiring the neighborhood what they want to see from OohLaLa up coming.

“From the starting, we were intent on making a quality solution that was full meals and with only the most effective ingredients,” Kimberley shared. “In brief, we would not put out a thing that we would not take in ourselves.”

Addressing the high quality current market

As Kimberley place it, “Ice cream is the great matrix for imaginative exploration and a staple to Malaysians.”

That may well demonstrate why there are so many other ice product manufacturers that have popped up in the place. This involves names this kind of as Calli, Wolf Pints, and Variety Kones, just to identify a handful of.  

Image Credit: OohLaLa7

On the other hand, while the sisters say they are admirers of the models, they believe that OohLaLa addresses a industry gap remaining involving other healthful ice product brand names in Malaysia.  

“Kind Kones addresses the vegan marketplace so we’re not particularly in the exact scene,” Kimberley pointed out.  “Calli and Wolf Pints are fantastic items as very well. These brands deal with a very low-calorie USP, that means the push is for the most affordable calorie.”

Calli’s possibility is also dairy-free of charge, earning it a far better selection for lactose-intolerant or vegan shoppers.

Meanwhile, Kimberley believes the marketplace gap OohLaLa addresses is completely different—premium ice product shoppers.

This means that the sisters refused to build a product or service that would minimize some energy but ended up making a fewer pleasurable mouthfeel.  

“Our amount a single priority is to build a decadent solution that will come with the finest ingredients, has a satisfying mouthfeel, is dense and creamy, and replicates the texture of high quality ice cream,” Kimberley mentioned. “Think Häagen-Dazs, but more healthy.”

OohLaLa’s ice creams go from RM29.90 to RM32.90 for a 450ml tub dependent on the flavours.

To compare, a pint (473ml) of Calli’s So Matcha Improved is RM33.90, though OohLaLa’s Matcha & Roasted Mochi Rice is RM29.90. Calories-clever, Calli’s is 65 calories per serving, even though OohLaLa has 103 energy for every serving.

That is nevertheless very a drop from the 310 energy for every serving you get with a 14oz (about 397g) Häagen-Dazs Matcha Environmentally friendly Tea ice cream.

Our managing director, Sarah, has individually tried OohLaLa’s ice lotions and was “very impressed”, getting it tricky to believe that their calories ended up that small per serving.

Ice product for all

The sisters are nevertheless concerned with their total-time jobs, and do not surface to be leaving them any time soon.

Having said that, this doesn’t indicate that they are not taking OohLaLa seriously, acquiring founded a production internet site with their personal kitchen area team.

The staff now also caters for gatherings and creates ice cream for other companies that get OEM solutions from them.

“Right now, we’re concentrating on building the best doable solution and creating a neighborhood of folks that enjoy OohLaLa ice lotions,” Kimberley shared. “As for extended-term ideas, the sky’s the restrict!”

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