IBM’s Project Debater showcases next-gen AI-driven productivity

Disclosure: IBM is a shopper of the writer.

I have been following IBM’s Watson effort due to the fact the commencing — and its original concentration on successful the recreation Jeopardy. This early effort was just a flavor of what this system could do.

Several years later, I attended the introduction of Venture Debater, which took the system to a debate opposition versus a prime human debater. Like the original computer chess match, the computer shed. But, not like chess, the decline was subjective. If I experienced been a decide, I would have been additional very likely to award Watson the get, given the computer responses was additional entertaining, additional accurate, and arguably additional interesting than the positions place forth by the human. 

Several years have passed due to the fact that San Francisco celebration. Now, a present-day version of Venture Debater can craft arguments on a variety of subject areas and improve the stance of opposing sights in a debate on telemedicine.  Visualize if this same functionality ended up supplied to politicians or corporate execs arguing for a certain strategy at an govt retreat. 

Let us converse about how technological innovation like this could make a business additional effective.

The cost of terrible conclusions

About the several years, I have viewed some of the most potent corporations introduced minimal because of to avoidable errors.  Generally these errors ended up the final result of two issues: Confirmation Bias by leaders who only settle for information that matches their posture, and Argumentative Idea, which destinations prevailing in an argument forward of remaining appropriate. 

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