Fender Mustang Micro Review: The Perfect Portable Amp

We don’t have flying vehicles however, but we do have miniaturized gizmos that can in shape in our pockets and are as great or greater than their much larger, additional cumbersome counterparts. 

Long gone are the times the place you experienced to shell out income and muscle mass to get a significant follow amp to learn guitar. With instruments like Fender’s Mustang Micro amplifier, you can follow, history, and mess with wildly distinct consequences any place you can provide an electrical guitar. As considerably as approaches to follow on a sunny lounge chair devoid of bothersome the neighbors—or to lay down a brief guide line on a friend’s laptop—there’s probably never been a greater way to spend $a hundred.

Tiny Tether

The Mustang Micro isn’t much to glimpse at, mimicking the wi-fi guitar packs you may perhaps have noticed your preferred pro musicians rocking on stage. It‘s a little bit like a pager with a foldable quarter-inch instrument connector nestled into its leading. That connector is developed to swivel so it can in shape every thing from angled Stratocaster inputs to straight-sided Gibsons.

The controls are amongst the most straightforward to recognize (and discover) of any small amp I’ve tried. It has a big volume knob on leading and 4 sets of buttons on the facet that allow you modify amp, equalizer, and consequences configurations. A electric power and Bluetooth pairing change sit on the reverse facet, must you want to pair up and jam along with your smartphone or pill. The only downside is these controls are a small hard to see in the dim.

As considerably as listening to your self, the amp has a three.5-mm stereo output as nicely as USB-C for both charging and digital output, which makes it double as the tiniest audio interface I’ve ever used. The USB output is sound sufficient that I was ready to quickly track a couple rhythm guitar components into my computer, however I’d probably use my “real deal” tube amp setup on genuine studio recordings.

You will get about 4 hrs of playtime, which is sufficient to very last most residence guitarists a week. And for pros, it can quickly suffice a day of staying out and about.

Photograph: Fender

Transportable Apply

Seize no matter what electrical guitar you have laying close to, throw the Mustang Micro and some headphones in a pocket or a backpack, and you really can play—with incredibly great tone—anywhere. It has a dozen distinct amp products, from cleaner options like Fender’s legendary Twin Reverb to grittier amps like the Metal 2000.