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Everything You Should Know About Redis Server to Get Started

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With businesses increasing rapidly, they require a better database that can handle large requests, have a better response time, and the audience interaction in a business increases as the company starts to expand and saving data becomes an essential part of it. However, in contrast with the widespread belief that data can be saved using only a database is not valid. We can also save data using caching. This led to the introduction of excellent tools known as Redis. Redis is a BSD licensed open-sourced data structure store in-memory and could be used as a database. Redis Cache thus serves as a great tool to save data as it supports various data structures, including Hashes, Strings, Lists, etc. 

When can you use Redis?

The data structure compels you to use Redis almost every time, and this is how good it is. With Redis Server, you will get Redis as a cache which will provide a lot of power and control. The overall efficiency of using the program becomes better, and you get the ability to tune in the content of cache and have better durability. For certain situations, the efficiency boost becomes quite good, and you will experience it while using the database. 

Redis Pricing 

There are many Redis Pricing plans that you could use to manage the data of your business. Some of these plans are, 

  • Free: You can select anyone amongst AWS, Azure Redis, Google Cloud with Redis with 30 MB RAM, Redis Modules, with one dedicated database for up to 30 connections and easy availability to upgrade to fixed plans.
  • Fixed: The pricing for this plan is 6 USD per month. Like free plans, you can select anyone out of Azure Redis Cache, Google Cloud, or AWS, with a memory limit of 100 MB coupled with Redis modules. You get four dedicated databases for your business that support up to 256 connections. The backup of data is instant and is performed daily. You also get basic support from Redis 24/7.
  • Flexible: You can choose what you want in this plan and pay for it. The plan will charge you 0.881 USD per hour and is undoubtedly one of the best investments you have made.
  • Annual: You will get a good discount on your flexible plan when you pay annually.  

Why use Redis?

Several reasons support why you should Install Redis Windows on your PC or laptop. Some of which are: 

Faster than you have expected

Redis is known to be fast. If you are looking for a database store that helps provide data faster and efficiently, then no one can beat Redis in this battle. Install Redis Windows on your computer, and you can experience the difference. This is all possible because Redis is written in the C language. 

NoSQL database 

Redis is a NoSQL database, which means it is great for many modern platforms such as the web, smartphones, gaming, etc. NoSQL databases are also great as they are great for structured, non-structured, and semi-structured data. It is also scalable and provides better performance than its counterparts. 

A choice for all

The database is used by many tech giants such as Snapchat, Craigslist, Pinterest, Flickr, Weibo, etc. This makes it evident that a database store is a good option if you want to save data for your business. 

Affordable and efficient 

Getting a database can be expensive, and therefore, it is not the best solution for your data-saving need. However, you could use Redis and use caching to save data, which is efficient and affordable. 

Open-source equals developer-friendly 

Many programming languages support the platform as it is open-sourced software. The developers can tinker their way to get the best results and give you the perks of using the technology. Apart from being open-source, it is stable. Hence, you could use the software on your PC without an iota of complications. 

Redis emerged as a great way to store your data and save a lot of money as well as efforts in the process. 

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