April 12, 2024


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Custom Prusa MK3 Fan Duct Gives Camera Perfect View

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Custom Prusa MK3 Fan Duct Gives Camera Perfect View

A developing craze is to mount a borescope “inspection camera” near a 3D printer’s nozzle to offer a exclusive up-shut check out of the action. Some argue that this viewpoint can deliver useful insight if you are seeking to high-quality tune your machine, but whether or not there is a practical application for these form of nozzle cams, certainly everybody can agree it makes for a rather neat video clip.

[Caelestis Cosplay] lately made a decision to outfit his Prusa i3 MK3S+ with these kinds of a digital camera, and was kind plenty of to share the procedure in a produce-up. The 1st stage was to come across a neighborhood-made fan duct, which he then modified to maintain the 7 mm digital camera module. Due to the fact the duct blows right on the printer’s nozzle, it provides an perfect vantage stage.

The camera module included a couple of small SMD LEDs about the lens, but [Caelestis Cosplay] extra holes to the supporter duct to match a pair of 3 mm white LEDs to genuinely mild points up. Although modifying the printed components took some effort, he says the toughest portion of the entire make was salvaging a 5X lens from a handheld magnifier and submitting it down so it would match neatly about the digital camera. But judging by the sharp and shiny demo movie he’s provided, we’d say the further work was undoubtedly worthy of it.

Following covering how the camera rig was set alongside one another, [Caelestis Cosplay] then goes more than how it was integrated into OctoPrint, which includes how the exterior LEDs are switched on and off. He’s managing OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi, even though as we’ve covered not too long ago, a smaller type factor desktop pc could just as effortlessly operate the display.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=J96qmJQXhAw

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