Cosmo Communicator review: The PDA/smartphone rides again Review

The Cosmo Communicator is Earth Computers’ 2nd endeavor to reinvent the a lot-loved Psion Sequence five

The Cosmo Communicator is Earth Computers’ 2nd endeavor to reinvent the a lot-loved Psion Sequence five for the smartphone age in an Android/Linux incarnation. Its clamshell form element includes a slide-out keyboard, and some features are manageable with out the require to open the device. It is really an concept that has created a whole lot of awareness, but does this £665.83 (ex. VAT, or £799 inc. VAT) handheld pc/smartphone have a place in your tech armoury?

Time was when smartphones with keyboards were being a matter. There were being slide-outs, hinged lids, and entire frontal (Blackberry-design) keyboards. Ahead of that there was the Psion Sequence five (and some smaller variants too), with a hinged lid defending a monochrome screen and a slide-out keyboard that was just environment class. Cell comms was not built-in into the Sequence five, but it was an amazing little pc. I made use of one for a lengthy time as a pocket-sized composing machine. It wasn’t just me: the Sequence five was legendary.

Many tries have been produced to resurrect the Psion Sequence five, and the most recent have appear from Earth Computers. The British isles company’s to start with shot, the Gemini PDA, was intriguing but experienced its downsides. The Cosmo Communicator moves the concept on, importantly which include operation into the lid, which is a authentic strengthen to usability. 


The Cosmo Communicator is Earth Computers’ 2nd stab at re-imagining the 1997 Psion Sequence five for the smartphone period. It operates Android nine and Linux (in due program) on a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of interior storage (expandable by means of MicroSD).

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This is a huge beast compared to a typical smartphone. The footprint — 171mm lengthy and seventy nine.3mm deep — is very similar to that of a massive-screen (6.five-inch) smartphone, but it is really a excellent offer thicker. The Cosmo Communicator actions seventeen.3m thick at its thickest point, which is the a bit raised centre of the lid. It is really a weighty device too, at 326g. 


The again of the lid segment is house to a 24MP digicam, a 1.91-inch AMOLED touch screen and a fingerprint reader/touchpad.

Graphic: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

The place the Gemini PDA experienced a featureless lid, the Cosmo Communicator has a fingerprint sensor, a 24MP digicam with flash and a 1.91-inch AMOLED touch screen. The latter is vital to the device’s usability. With the Gemini PDA it was required to open the clamshell to do quite a lot just about anything. Below, the screen delivers information and caters for some conversation. For instance, it will demonstrate a notification when a textual content will come in, and you can then tap the screen to dismiss it or initiate a reaction — you have to open the clam to truly variety a reply, but when you do so you are taken correct to the SMS application.

Incoming email messages are exhibited listed here too, and while you can only see the commencing of a message, it could be plenty of to encourage you to open up and reply — once again, when you do open the clam, the relevant application is correct in entrance of you generating the process of responding as rapid and seamless as feasible.

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A lot more than that, there is a basic menu on the entrance screen. The fingerprint sensor is integrated in a little touch pad. A one press of the pad phone calls up the most important entrance screen, exhibiting time and date, and a few procedure icons (Bluetooth, battery, wi-fi and SIM status). Tapping the pad opens a further screen exhibiting recent phone calls, and it is really simple to call a amount on the checklist with a tap. Very small icons enable you to obtain contacts and a dialpad so you can initiate new phone calls, and when in a call there are tappable icons for issues like speaker mode, muting and adding contacts into a call.

A additional screen gets you into a menu of eight shortcuts to characteristics like digicam, movie, torch, energy and options for the very small entrance screen — you can adjust its orientation and brightness for instance, and even enable it to car rotate. 

This entrance screen is beautifully functional and its presence listed here presents a huge strengthen to usability compared to the Gemini PDA. Legitimate, the numerous interactive icons can be really little, but it is really responsive and I identified myself happily dismissing textual content messages and taking voice phone calls with out opening up the device. 

Open up up the clamshell and a entire QWERTY keyboard slides to you. This is the heart of the Cosmo Communicator, and its resemblance to the outdated Psion Sequence five is no coincidence. Without a doubt, the designer of the primary Sequence five keyboard, Martin Riddiford, experienced a hand in its development. The Cosmo Communicator’s backlit keyboard has a softer, significantly less definite feel than the Psion Sequence 5’s, but the similarities are clear.

I identified that some keys unsuccessful to sign-up with my normal light-weight touch, and I experienced to modify my pace and typing action a bit to compensate. But continue to, I was capable to touch variety at about seventy five % of my normal pace, which is good going for these a little keyboard.

The keyboard intended I could use the Cosmo Communicator for major doc development — this evaluate was prepared on it, for instance. I labored on composing assignments while out and about, although I experienced to be at a desk as thumb-typing while standing with the device opened up or seeking to relaxation it on my knees were being the two unsatisfactory. Even so, I would take the Cosmo Communicator into conferences to write notes in choice to my notebook. It wouldn’t be my constant typing device, but it would be the correct match for some events.


The most important screen, with the computer software equivalent of the Psion Sequence 5’s components menu bar at the base.

Graphic: Sandra Vogel/ZNet

The Cosmo Communicator’s most important five.nine-inch two,160-by-1,080-pixel screen is made generally to be made use of in landscape mode, but it will rotate into portrait mode to accommodate the actuality that Android applications are, by and massive, made to be made use of in this orientation. Even so, holding this device with the screen in portrait mode is awkward and unwieldy.

The Cosmo Communicator operates Android nine with a Cosmo overlay that includes a amount of bespoke applications. LEDIson was shipped with the primary Gemini PDA and allowed callers and notifications to be discovered through a sequence of configurable LED lights on the device. It is really listed here once again, even while it is really redundant for the reason that the entrance screen tells you who is calling, texting, emailing and so on.


Agenda was the Psion Sequence 5’s killer application, and Earth Computers has performed a good position of recreating it.

Graphic: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

Pre-put in 3rd occasion applications include Term, Excel and Skype, all of which are alternatively extra practical. In its possess computer software suite, Earth Computers has also gone to excellent pains to reproduce arguably the killer application of the Psion Sequence five: Agenda. This diary application presented a clean up presentation of my weekly diary, synced from Google Calendar, and also has exceptional year planner and every month absolutely free/busy views. I also quickly became a fan of the Notes application, which can seize textual content, photographs, videos and voice recordings.


The Cosmo Communicator’s Notes application.

Graphic: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

Tapping the important to the remaining of the house bar phone calls up a computer software menu bar that emulates the components-centered bar on the primary Psion Sequence five, offering swift obtain to a selection of applications. It is really arguably needless presented the tappable application shortcuts, but is nonetheless a great bespoke attribute.

The Cosmo Communicator operates on a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset with 6GB of RAM. This system sent ordinary Geekbench five scores of 296 (one core) and 1471 (multi-core), which are distinctly center of the road.

You could feel that 128GB of interior storage is not plenty of, thinking about that 13GB of this is made use of by the procedure by itself. There is a MicroSD card slot for exterior storage, but using that rules out the device’s 2nd SIM slot. That is a disgrace, although the device does also assist eSIMs. At least the SIM caddy is obtainable on one of the small edges of the lid segment with the Gemini PDA you experienced to take away the best of the lid segment to get at the SIM slot.

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Bluetooth five, GPS, NFC and 802.11ac wi-fi — the NFC zone is on the lid. There is a 3.5mm headset jack, a USB-C charge slot and a 2nd USB-C port for attaching a selection of peripherals. Equipment include a USB-C-to-HDMI cable (£39.ninety eight inc. VAT) and a USB-C Hub with two USB 3. ports, a USB-C connector and an Ethernet port (£44.99 inc. VAT).

Connectivity is a important ingredient of the Cosmo Communicator’s operation. It supports Debian Linux, and if you are so inclined the device can be connected to a monitor and an exterior keyboard and made use of like a Personal computer. Very well, in principle. In actuality, Linux assist wasn’t executed at the time of composing — enjoy the assist pages if you are intrigued in this facet of the device. 

The Cosmo Communicator has two cameras: an outward-facing 24MP digicam, and a 5MP digicam to the best remaining of the most important screen. The interior digicam works good for movie calling, while the most important digicam is Ok for capturing basic shots, but there’s little in the way of sophistication listed here. If you require extra than the fundamentals, search somewhere else. 

On paper, the four,220mAh battery really should deliver at least a day’s use, but in follow battery everyday living was disappointing. The Personal computer Mark battery take a look at described just 6 hrs and 13 minutes, and through tests I made use of 50% of a entire battery in about three hrs of typing on several events. If you are major about using the Cosmo Communicator for everyday efficiency, you will require to search out for charging factors through the working day.


Graphic: Earth Computers


The Cosmo Communicator is a further intriguing device from Earth Computers, and surely an advance on its Gemini PDA predecessor. When the Linux functionality gets readily available, it will have even greater enchantment. Obtaining relatively rapid keyboard input readily available on these a little device is really eye-catching, and the bespoke applications are properly made and nicely realised. The Cosmo Communicator could even replace a notebook for some or all of the time, at least for some individuals.

Even so, £799 (inc. VAT) buys you a decent notebook, and massive-screen smartphones can be coupled with folding Bluetooth keyboards. This indicates that the Cosmo Communicator may battle to get traction outside the house a relatively little niche, until Earth Computers can locate a way to minimize the cost tag.

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