All About Appointing New Dance Teachers

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When it comes to appointing dance teachers, you know what you are seeking. You either need a staffer to deal with administrative tasks at your studio, an energetic teacher who is going to help inspire students and improve their technique, or anything in between. According to the specialists for leading dance apps, here are a few things that are sure to set your dance studio apart from others when it comes to the process of hiring new dance teachers.

  • Improve your careers page

Dance teachers seeking work these days look forward to the opportunities page on a website to be a one-stop shop. Here is where they expect to learn more about your studio’s brand, the benefits you offer, and the culture you boast.

The #1 goal of your website is to get you found by both customers and potential hires. After someone searches ‘dance studio jobs near me’ and lands on your website, your primary goal is to keep them there.

But how?

When promoting employment opportunities at your studio, convey what you can using snack-sized content. You do not need an epic novel!

  • Make use of non-traditional job posting channels

In addition to your website, where are you hosting your careers content? Which marketing and communication channels are you making use of in order to recruit new dance teachers for your studio? Traditional avenues you would take to promote open positions at your dance studio do not have to be your only option. Begin experimenting with Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok when seeking new dance teachers to appoint.

  • Build your own influencer network

What is the best form of marketing you have at your studio? Word of mouth, referrals using your digital dance studio management software, parents, existing students – no matter what you would like to call it, it is working for your dance studio.

Why not tap into that same resource for promoting open positions at your dance studio? If the culture of your dance studio is en pointe, your existing studio staff and teachers can and should be signing opportunities from the rooftop. If they are not, ask them to. Possibilities are they just have not thought about how impactful it could be to the growth and success of your dance studio.

  • What do dance teachers you are appointing care about?

When employing dance teachers at your studio, it is essential to understand what they care about. Dance teachers and potential staff you are employing care about convenience. What you can do as an owner, director or hiring manager of the dance studio to make the whole process from finding information regarding your job opening, interviewing and getting started at the studio easy?

Dipme is one of the best and top-rated software solutions for online dance classes that allow you to run your business anytime, from anywhere. When it comes to making a good impression from day one, ensure that your dance studio has some of the key tools such as scheduling tools that makes it simple for staff to communicate their availability.