360 S9 vacuum hands-on: A powerful two-in-one robot, but the app has flaws Review

The 360 S9 is a stylish hunting robot vacuum with a full host of extra

The 360 S9 is a stylish hunting robot vacuum with a full host of extra features. Much more and extra two-in-1 sweeping and mopping robot vacuums are showing up in the market and it is typically tricky for suppliers to obtain that differentiating element. The 360 has some wonderful structure extras.

Like a lot of best-close robot vacuums, the 360 S9 works by using LIDAR to give a 360-degree check out of the room so that it can mop or sweep most competently. The robot saves up to ten-ground plans, so if you have several floors in the dwelling, it will use its saved map to thoroughly clean in the most efficient way.

The robot will sweep, mop, or do the two at the identical time for up to 3 hrs. You can specify no-go spots or no-mop spots, and you can configure precise spots to be cleaned at different occasions. For example, you could thoroughly clean 1 area in the early morning, and a different area a number of hrs later on.

You can place boundaries in the application where by the robot will not go — even although it can see them by way of the LIDAR sweep.

The S9 is the very first robot I have viewed that has its drinking water reservoir inside of of the housing — not beneath. Raise the lid, and the two the 420ml dust bin and 200ml drinking water flow tank are up coming to each other beneath the lift-up lid.

You do not want to swap containers all around or in shape extra containers to the device. It really is an efficient way to dwelling the two containers. Of course, this signifies that you do want to vacant the dust bin extra typically — specifically if you have pets and carpeted spots where by pet hairs collect.

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If you want to use the sweeping and mopping purpose with each other, you do want to clip the mopping bracket on to the bottom of the S9. To get the most effective outcomes, pre-soaked the mopping fabric in advance of clipping to the device to get an even mopping stripe when the robot is in action.

This is a mopping element for lightly dirty floors that want a superficial thoroughly clean — not a scrub. If your floors are intensely dirty, you may want to scrub them very first in advance of employing the robot’s mopping functionality.

The charging dock is a different wonderful innovation. Most robots I consider have ‘L’ formed docking stations, with a base-plate that contains the terminals that sit on the ground.

The 360 robot docking station has the back again device only, which sits snugly towards the wall. There are two steel bumpers (electrode strips) on the front wall of the device. The 360 robot also has bumpers on the front of the robot which, after linked, get started charging. This is stylish and will work perfectly.

Another innovation is the below-physique roller. If it operates above a power cable or other trailing lead, the rollers will reverse to dis-entangle by itself. Brands of in the same way priced robot vacuums, this kind of as the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO and Roborock S6 MaxV should consider observe. This innovation is specifically practical if you have a lot of tech cables all around.

Now on to the application. The 360 S9 is the 20th robot vacuum I have reviewed for ZDNet, and most of these vacuums appear with apps. Some apps — like the Cybovac E31 — hook up speedily and very easily.

Hands on with the 360 S9 robot vacuum a powerful two-in-one robot - but the app has flaws zdnet

Eileen Brown

It took me two hrs and 3 different cellphone models in advance of I could effectively hook up to the 360 application. As most of the other robot vacuums have linked effectively, and I have two other vacuums on demo at the minute, I  know that the challenge is not with my router — or my mobile cellphone.

When I very first registered the application with my .co.united kingdom email deal with, the link failed, citing network link problems. As I have had this challenge in the past with a different vacuum, I uninstalled the application, mounted again, and registered with my outlook.com email deal with to get a thriving link.

Then, just about every time I commenced the application and commenced the S9 on its route, my cellphone stopped connecting to my not too long ago mounted Wi-Fi mesh procedure. Furthermore, the mesh procedure position indicated that it was disabled — even although it was offered on my other cellphone. The only way I could go on to use my cellphone for data was by turning the Wi-Fi off and on to get ‘proper’ connectivity.

Hands on with the 360 S9 robot vacuum a powerful two-in-one robot - but the app has flaws zdnet

Eileen Brown

It looks like the original Wi-Fi link to the robot had priority above accessibility to any other Wi-Fi points I linked to, and hogged the link any time it could.

The good news is, after I had configured the no-go and no-mop zones and screen-grabbed the cleaning route for this article, I did not want to hook up to the application again — and my Wi-Fi link to my mobile device labored just fine.

I am bothered about the Wi-Fi hogging by the application. Hopefully, 360 application upgrades will deal with this challenge.

Apart from my application difficulties, I truly liked the 360 S9.

The sweeping and mopping are superior, the robot is not fazed by larger room thresholds, and it never ever got trapped — contrary to some other robots I have reviewed.

The application — after linked — has a lot of features and is simple to use.

All-in-all, for $600 (with a $140-off coupon which is superior by way of Aug. 21), the 360 S9 provides anything that other best of the array robot vacuums should do — and provides a truly superior sweeping and mopping knowledge for its operator.