2 common cloud computing predictions for 2021 are wrong

For some explanation I’m on the listing of each PR company with a consumer that

For some explanation I’m on the listing of each PR company with a consumer that wants to have its predictions for the approaching calendar year heard. Generally their guesses are noticeable and unhelpful, these as “cloud computing will carry on to grow” or “cloud protection will carry on to be a worry.” People today are genuinely going out on a limb.

On the other hand, I see a few predictions in excess of and in excess of once again. I suspect that lots of out there in the cloud computing marketplace are beginning to imagine them, so I need to have to position out some realities that are often missed or misunderstood.

The increase of multicloud to grow to be “cloud agnostic” is the most common—and most concerning—prediction. I in particular get worried if the perceived benefit is that becoming cloud agnostic refers to environments that are able of working with any community cloud supplier with small disruptions to a organization.

The idea appears to be compelling, contemplating that you can leverage finest-of-breed community cloud computing solutions, these as picking out storage from two or extra community cloud suppliers. However, the reality is that purposes and data have to be localized to a specific cloud supplier to be of true worth to the organization. This signifies that you are going to have to lock in to a cloud supplier to choose true advantage of that cloud provider’s capabilities.

So if you leverage multicloud, and at the identical time attempt to be cloud agnostic, you are going to have to choose the least typical denominator approach to setting up purposes and connecting data storage. This signifies that you won’t be optimized for any community cloud platform, or that you won’t run perfectly wherever.

I’ll also point out that you are missing crucial indigenous functions these as protection, governance, management and monitoring, etcetera. If you do use these functions, that software and data won’t be cloud agnostic considering the fact that they’re no extended portable between community cloud platforms because of the coupling of cloud solutions optimized for those people platforms. No great cloud architect will choose this approach given the destructive trade-offs. I push again on them weekly.

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